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Expertise on the line!

24Hours is the reason why we created Easy2Call, it’s our identity.

24Hours vows to process business travelers’ requests outside our clients’ opening times.

Our experimented agents can handle any request through GDSs Amadeus, Galileo and Sabre, and in French, English and Spanish: booking, modification, cancelation or refund.

We offer a tailor-made service that adapts to our clients’ procedure and meets their travelers’ demands.

Easy2call don’t sell anything for its behalf, we use our clients’ suppliers.

24Hours, guarantees a professional service to meet your need, and the particularities of your sector and industry in general.

Don’t hesitate to contact us!


Leading service to reinforce your team!

Launched in 2018 to meet our client agencies’ needs, our Office service helps reinforce your teams occasionally or periodically in order to meet your clients’ needs.

Strategic decision, managing an activity peak, or reinforcing your teams: our business travel agents are here for you! Their expertise enables them to quickly adapt to your needs, integrate your existing teams and therefore help you save precious time. Our agents don’t just come on top of your process, they integrate them. Our Office service guarantees you a sustainable customer relationship and a secure data process.

Dedicated to short-period missions, our Office service is perfect to accompany you for processing your mails or for a one-time replacement of an indisposed agent.


The solution to remain efficient and competitive!

Easy2Call gained considerable experience thanks to 24Hours and Office services, enabling us to offer an Outsourcing service for office hours or around the clock, tailor-made to any company size.

Our core business is to ensure quality customer service operated by experimented business travel experts. We process many requests on a daily basis, from reservation to billing on the accounting tools which our customers use.

This white-labelled service is completely tailor-made to integrate seamlessly your organization and to efficiently answer your customers’ demands.

Strategic, functional or economic, there are many different reasons for you to want to partially or totally outsource your customer service:

  • Enjoy the work of experimented agents of the industry.
  • Focus on high added value customers’ requests.
  • Stop managing HR : recruiting, training, absences and salaries.
  • Reduce costs through team pooling
  • Conquer confidently new markets.

Our team of experts walk you through the process and answer the following questions for you:

  • What activity, task or service could I outsource and why?
  • What are my expectations and demands to entrust this mission?
  • Are Easy2call agents able to reach my team’s level?
  • What should be implemented on both sides ?
  • How will I keep track of the work done?

How will Easy2call offer me transparency on the work quality?

Frequently asked questions

They are in Paris and Montreal. 100% of our agents work from home in France, in French overseas departments and in Canada.
No, we are an independent call center located on two continents and acknowledged by the industry, French professional organizations APST and Entreprises du voyage, and GDSs.
Our presence in France and in Canada allow us to be opened without interruption.
Yes, our business travel agents have at least 5 years of experience.
Yes, our agents answer in French, English and Spanish
Our agents are trained to work on Amadeus, Sabre and Galileo. Easy2call owns licenses and doesn’t sell for its own behalf.
Yes, we are in compliance with the European GDPR standards and our Montreal quarters are subjected to the same restrictions.
Yes, we are certified PCI-Compliant.
We have different subscription types and we can offer tailor-made services. Our commercial service will send you every information.

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A question ? A quote? We are available and answer all your questions.

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